Parts and Accessories


Sauna Accessories

The heater may be the heart of your sauna, but there is more to creating a truly genuine sauna experience. We offers a number of accessories that maximize your sauna experience and comfort – and help you finish your personal centre for well-being in style.

Glass walls and doors
Our range includes different kinds of glass walls and doors made of 8 mm tempered glass. Glass walls bring a modern and spacious look to your bathroom. The available glass options include clear, bronze, smoke grey and white opaline. The door is equipped with high-quality hinges suited for glass-to-glass or glass- to-wall mounting.

Helo Deco glass wall is delivered with aluminium profiles that can be mounted either visible or hidden. Package includes a glass door with options to attach to the bathroom’s wall or to the sides of the glass wall. The glass walls are always custom-made according to the sauna measurements.

Infrared panels
Complement your sauna experience with Helo infrared panels. The health benefits of Helo infrared panels will complement your traditional sauna and give you more options. You can choose to take a traditional sauna bath, or enjoy the beneficial warmth of the infrared sauna, or use both at the same time.

You can enjoy this new experience in the privacy of your own sauna whenever you feel like it. Burn calories, recover after physical exercise, relieve pain and tired muscles or just enjoy a different kind of warmth. The heat source is wood-framed glass. The heater power is 900 W and you can install it vertically or horizontally. The available colours are black or grey glass. In new saunas, the heaters are installed straight into the walls but infrared heaters can be retrofitted as well.

Water bowl
Frosted glacier green acryl (satin) Ø 320 mm. A fibre passing under the seat is connected to the reflector installed at the desired point below the water bowl. The installation opening is 285 mm in diameter and 180 mm deep.

Premium Thermometer
Thermometer in beech wood.

Premium Hygrometer
Hygrometer in beech wood.

Premium Thermo/Hygro
Thermo/Hygrometer with C/F scale in birch wood.

Premium Towel Rack H.
Towel Rack Design in beech wood.

Premium Liquid Thermo
Liquid Thermometer in beech wood.

Premium Sandtimer
Sandtimer in beech wood.

Wooden Ladle
Ladle with rope made in birch.

Wooden Bucket
Wooden bucket in birch, 4 litre, with plastic liner and protective treatment.

Headrest & Backrest
Maximize your relaxation with headrest and backrest.

Aroma-/Infusion pot
To install directly above the heater, in reddish, grained ceramics, delivered incl. ceiling hook and chain of stainless steel length 1 m, content max. 300 ml, height 80 mm, weight approx. 400 g

Infusion stone
Special infusion naturally shaped stone, with drilled hole for approx. 80-100 ml water – place between sauna stones.

Helo doors
Exlusive doors of the very highest quality, specially constructed to withstand the extreme variations in temperature between the inside and outside surfaces without warping or becoming deformed.

Aroma Essences
Helo natural essential oils are concentrated drops of all-natural bliss, enveloping you in the holistic comfort of proven aromatherapy principles. Add a few drops to water, ladle it over hot sauna stones and let nature’s recipes for treating body, mind and soul wash over you.

Fragrances available:

  • Arizona Pomegranes
  • Sweet Thai Lemongrass
  • Australian Eucalyptus
  • Argentian Mandarin
  • Sweet English Lavender
  • Refreshing Olbas
  • Sweet Birch

Water Dispensers
SANTAVI offers a push-button water dispenser for our commercial clients and clients who prefer an integrated water dispensing solution alternative to the traditional bucket and ladle.

The Water dispenser kit comprises of timer modules, timer module housing, solenoid, cabling, push button(s) and stainless steel T-Bar water dispensing nozzles to fit the size heater ordered.

Steam Accessories

Helo offers a number of accessories along with the steam generators – to complement and help you create your very own personal steam bath.

Auto-clean kit
Automatically drains water tank after every use, reducing limescale and minimising downtime for service. Includes connecting cable. Easy installation

High-Pressure Valve for HELO Steam units
Secure and reliable. Pre-installed and highlighted in red for maximum visibility.

Helo Essence Pump Kit
The HELO Essence Pump kit is a device for delivering aromatic essence into the steam room. It is an additional device for helo steam generators. The pump can be regulated using comfortable control unit, and must be installed on the top of the essence container.

Steam Nozzles
SANTAVI supplies a range of stainless steel steam nozzles for your steam room installation. Kindly contact us to enquire.